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Foundation protocol of 30.03.1991.

The signatures of the first elected president Bruno Rittler and the cashier Doris Stebe

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The signatures of the 17 foundation members

top down: Ralf Bauer, Bruno Rittler, Thomas Werner, Luay Ghussein, Doris Stebe, Evelyne Merz-Hardy, Angela Wawrzyk, Werner Faas, Hermann Röckel, Gerti Röckel, Jörg Wiedmann, Dieter Hörger, Jochen Dörsam, Rainer Merz, David Merz, Phillip Bauer, Gotthard Bauer.

Protocoll of the 1. meeting of the steering commitee from 15.06.1991

because of the disposal of the Amtsgerichtes Stuttgart then former name "Internationaler Boule-Club Stuttgart" was changed into "Boule-Club Stuttgart"!

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