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About us

Boule-Club Stuttgart is one of the biggest petanque clubs in Southern Germany.

It is sportively and culturally orientated and mainly interested in supporting and popularising the game of petanque – both petanque as competitive and serious sports and petanque as popular and leisure time sports. This includes especially the organisation and realisation of competitions as well as the participation of members in regional, national and international tournaments.

Among the traditional competitions in Stuttgart are Stuttgart’s Winter League and the Grand Prix de Stuttgart, which both take place annually.

Since its year of foundation in 1991 the number of members of Boule Club Stuttgart has steadily been rising. More than half of its members are active licensed players that committed themselves to competitive and serious petanque sport. Many champions of the province of Baden-Württemberg and German Champions are the result of this sportive engagement.

Cultural institutions in the area of accept Boule-Club Stuttgart as their partner in organising and realising petanque tournaments. We are motivated and consider it our task to popularise the French national sport and the easy-going enjoyment of life, French “savoir vivre”.

Allez les Boules

Boule-Club Stuttgart e.V.

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e-mail: vorstand@bouleclub-stuttgart.de